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Why You Should Play Hip Hop at Your Wedding

The Hip Hop genre is the essence of cross-genre mixing. Whether you’re rocking out to Outkast, Jay-Z, Beyoncé or The Sugarhill Gang, we all have been influenced by this unique and increasingly-popular genre.

The origin of Hip Hop stems from DJs experimenting and playing a mix of Breaks, Funk, Latin, R&B, Rock, and Soul. Because this genre uses so many different genres as its base, every client that I’ve spun for always requests a good amount of hip hop at their weddings.

An important part of choosing the wedding soundtrack is to include a wide variety of music that makes the couple-and their guests-happy. With that being said, almost all hip hop music has sampled some aspect of other musical genres, so how can you go wrong?

Medium Dance Songs

1) Classic
“Brass Monkey ” – Beastie Boys
“Rapper’s Delight ” – The Sugarhill Gang
“Hip Hop Hooray ” – Naughty By Nature
“Jump Around ” – House Of Pain
“Poison ” – Bel Biv Devoe
“Baby Got Back ” – Sir Mix A lot
“Passing Me By ” – Pharcyde
“Everyday People ” – Arrested Development
“Scenario ” – A Tribe Called Quest

2) Modern
“Drop it Like it’s Hot ” – Snoop Dogg
“Gold Digger ” – Kanye West
“Vivrant Thing ” – Q-Tip
“Empire State of Mind ” – Jay-Z
“Live Your Life ” – T.I.
“Paper Planes ” – M.I.A.
“Black and Yellow ” – Wiz Khalifa
“The Way I Are ” – Timbaland
“Lean Back ” – Fat Joe

Fast Dance Songs

1) Classic
“Treat ‘Em Right ” – Chubb Rock
“It Takes Two ” – Rob Base & Dj E-Z Rock
“Apache ” – The Sugarhill Gang
“Push It ” – Salt-n-Pepa
“Walk This Way ” – Run DMC
“Hip Hop Hooray ” – Naughty By Nature
“Mama Said Knock You Out ” – LL Cool J
“Humpty Dance ” – Digital Underground
“U Can’t Touch This ” – MC Hammer

2) Modern
“The Way You Move ” – Outkast
“Encore ” – Jay-Z
“Hot in Herre ” – Nelly
“You Be Killin Em ” – Fabolous
“Moment For Life ” – Nicki Minaj ”
“Stronger ” – Kanye West
“Teach Me How To Dougie ” – Cali Swag District
“Crank That (Soulja Boy) ” – Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em
“In Da Club ” – 50 Cent