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All of the equipment we use is professional quality equipment. We also regularly update our equipment as it gets older or outdated. This does a couple of things for you, the customer. One, it keeps our set-up's looking sharp and also on the cutting edge of technology. Two, it essentially eliminates most problems you would have from outdated or older equipment. We have less break-downs and technical issues with equipment than the average professional disc jockey service. We do all this for one reason; we want your event to run smoothly with no technical issues.

Typically, most disc jockey services don't like to talk about or post photos of their equipment. This can be a hazard in disguise, with today's technology most people can start a disc jockey service with a laptop computer and a couple of speakers they bought at a yard sale. Don't let this happen to you; ensure that your disc jockey is using professional equipment, after all that is what you're paying for.

Although we are a small family company, we are not limited to event sizes. We typically handle small events with a crowd anywhere from thirty to one-hundred people. But, we have the equipment necessary to tackle the biggest events with over one-thousand guests. We also do Company Parties, Anniversary Parties, Graduation Parties, Weddings, local School functions and Dances. We do ask you book in advance to allow us time to help design a playlist for your event.

We have well over 100,000 songs and 60,000 karaoke songs to choose from. All of our music is squeaky clean and appropriate for playback on public radio. We have the newest hits every month all the way back to everyone's favorite classics. We will also obtain any special music you may want for your event if we don't already have it in our collection.

All of our sound equipment is meant to produce clean high quality audio. We use only professional audio products by Electro Voice or JBL Professional. All of our media players and mixers are also high quality and updated every few years. We use only UHF wireless microphone systems to ensure low to no interference.

Most of our lighting has been converted to L.E.D. technology. L.E.D.'s produce vivid bright colors and need an extremely low amount of energy to run. This essentially eliminates the chance of us having any problems circuit breakers and the general power supply. Our shows are DMX run which means all of our lights sync together in a unified movement providing exciting light shows.